Minnie Dlamini Is Tired Of Forex Traders In Her Comments

Minnie is ready to block and move on.

By  | Apr 28, 2020, 01:17 PM  | Minnie Dlamini 

Minnie Dlamini is tired of Forex traders advertising their businesses in her Instagram comment sections.

One thing about Forex traders is that they have time and they seem to spend it advertising their business in the comment section of Mzansi's favorite personalities.

Now everyone is here for comments but if Forex traders are so rich, why are they so busy advertising their business all over these pages.

Well, Minnie is tired of Forex what what's and is ready to go on a blocking spree.
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TV presenter Pearl Modiadie also seems to be over these Forex people and commented on Minnie's post with her view that they are annoying.

Minnie's comment section was filled with people who expressed their frustration over the Forex trader's comment.

Do Forex traders' comments and abo Mama testimonials annoy you or do you not notice?

Image credit: Instagram @minniedlamini

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