Moonchild's Strip Club is Tune Of The Week on BBC Radio

The song is making a noticeable buzz in the UK even after flunking in SA

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 09:50 AM  | Moonchild Sanelly 

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In a somewhat conservative country, especially in allowing women to be sexually expressive, some celebrities tend to receive unwarranted backlash and mocking for simply holding the same standards that their American counterparts get praised and admired for. Even then, we simply cannot deny that this is a Moonchild Sannelly world and we happen to be living in it.

Last week, Moonchild released Strip Club, a new single from her highly anticipated upcoming album titled Phases but fans didn’t seem to have it and felt she needed to tone it down.

This trailblazer may not be one to care for outside opinion but they remain top of the trends lists on Twitter. Following a snippet of the song posted by a local entertainment commentator, Musa Khawula, so much hate, and discouragement were shared about the song so much that Moonchild had to remind the Twitter streets that she is a big deal internationally and that her fans outside South Africa do appreciate this single.

The singer and dancer shared screenshots from the biggest broadcasting platform in Britain, BBC Radio featuring her new single in their “Future Sounds” feature and announcing it as “Tune of the Week”. The song, evidently getting good reception, was also featured by Apple Music for creating a noticeable buzz both on the platform and on Shazam in the United Kingdom this past week.

Her album Phases is set for release on June 10th, and contains 19 tracks with sizzling additional features from Sad Night Dynamite, Trillary Banks, Blxckie, TheologyHD, Sir Trill, and Ghetts who makes an appearance on Moonchild's current single "Strip Club."

The Tweezy-produced, bass-rattling offering finds the South African talent inviting all to a strip club to have fun and, for the ladies to make some cash:
“Come to the strip club, come watch the girls dance, come give the girls cash… bring your cars, bring your friends, buy some bottles… bad bitches on the grind, bad bitches really fine, bad bitches hustle hard, bad bitches make it hard … bad bitches do not cry…”

Moonchild and British rapper, Ghetts have previously collaborated on "Mozambique", the lead single from Ghetts' critically acclaimed Conflicts of Interest album. Furthermore, Moonchild follows up "Strip Club" with another new song, "Over You," in which the artist seeks to end a relationship with a lover following an apparent affair.

“I’ma get over you so I won’t miss you, ’cause when I am over you, I won’t need tissue, I went through your phone, I was feeling all alone, had to see what’s going on, what you say is sounding wrong…”

By the looks of things, it seems like Moonchild’s upcoming and third studio album will likely be a success, maybe not locally but certainly outside the borders, and here’s the full tracklist:

  1. “Undumpable”
  2. “Demon” by Moonchild Sanelly and Sad Night Dynamite
  3. “Cute” by Moonchild Sanelly and Trillary Banks
  4. “April Fool’s Day”
  5. “Strip Club” by Moonchild Sanelly and Ghetts
  6. “Let It Rip”
  7. “Over You”
  8. “Money Tree”
  9. “Favourite Regret”
  10. “Too Late”
  11. “ULi” by Moonchild Sanelly and Blxckie
  12. “Covivi” feat. TheologyHD
  13. “Soyenza” feat. Sir Trill
  14. “Yebo Teacher”
  15. “Chicken”
  16. “Jiva Juluka”
  17. “Bad Bitch Budget”
  18. “Jump”
  19. “Bird So Bad”
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