Musa Sukwene speaks of his new album and how Robbie Malinga keeps inspiring him

It's been a long time coming.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Musa Sukwene 

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This album is extra special for Musa as it's the first time he worked on an album project by himself as the producer.

In an interview on the Morning Show, Sukwene said the album was his first studio project that he self-produced.

“It was my first time I was working in the studio alone, I self-produced the album,” he said.

The award-winning singer also said that self-producing his album was a way to confirm his growth in his craft. He also said that his late producer Robert Malinga keeps on inspiring him in his musical endeavours.

“The idea of growing up in my music led me to self-produce the album. However, I also worked with Ntsika from The Soil Band and Laurence Machikiza, Robbie Malinga keeps inspiring me,” he explained to the Morning Show.

On the self-produced album, there is a collection of love tracks like Makoti and Mthande

Some of his fans on his Instagram page hailed the song Makoti as one of their most favourite song on the album

“On repeat since morning until now I love your music when I get married I would like you to sing for me on the wedding day I love you am your biggest fan," one fan wrote.

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