#SBWL: Mvelo Makhanya Wants A New Job

Does this mean she low key wants to leave Scandal!?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Mvelo Makhanya 

The medium of acting is largely described as unpredictable, in terms of sustainability.

Most actors would relay stories of how it is very much possible to go an entire year without an acting gig. However, there are sure ways of ensuring stability within the realm of acting, such as landing a fixed role in a soapie.

...BUT as much as soapies have tons of benefits for actors. The redundancy can be exhausting to a point where it could easily propel the actor to quit the soapie, with the hopes of expanding their artistry to new and challenging levels.
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Scandal! actress, Nomvelo Makhanya posted an interesting, but highly intriguing tweet about yearning for all things new in her life, including a new job!

Does this mean that Sis is low-key signalling an exit from Scandal!? Hmmm!

Nomvelo's followers obviously had something to say!

If this tweet is to be taken into consideration, best believe that Nomvelo will slay whatever gig she's presented with!

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@_mvelomakhanya