#TBT: When Mzambiya was the prince of Kwaito

We miss you Mzambiya where are you?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Mzambiya 

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Mzambiya must make a music come back

Before there was Professor, Zola, Bricks and Msawawa there was Mzambiya. At just the tender age of 12, Soweto-born Mzambiya became the youngest kwaito star in South Africa making waves with his mind blowing music.

On this #Throwback Thursday we saw it fit to remember one of South Africa's greatest and youngest kwaito artist and let him know that kwaito music lovers miss his music.

Former kwaito child star, Mzambiya was discovered by Nimrod Nkosi during the days of Jam Alley and took the country by storm with his unforgettable hit song Kumele Senzeni.

The kwaito star was featured in Msawawa's hit song Wawungakanani and Mshoza's Kortes, but his collaboration with Percy who was another former child star that disappeared off the face of the earth, was our all time favourite track from Msawawa.

Remember their hit track Love and Kwaito? And who could forget their first live performance The Phat Joe show.

Mzambiya must make a music come back

Another hit track from this talented star which always gets us in the mood to pull out our All Star sneakers and hit the dance floor is the very mind blowing track called Zola.

Oh yeah! Then there was his collaboration with South African soccer midfielder, Steve Lekoelea, remember their hit song, Jersey 10?

Jersey 10

Whoever thought Steve Lekoelea would have a hit song with Mzambiya. We vaguely remember the video of the two driving around in a sexy BMW Z3 and how jealous some of us were of Mzambiya rolling around with one of the biggest soccer stars in South Africa at that time.

During his music hiatus, Mzambiya was seen on the SABC 1 music show Jika Majika as a presenter, and yes he did a good job, but still, what we are yearning for is his music. He also has a clothing brand called Firm Wear.

In 2015 Mzambiwa was said to be joining forces with Arthur Mafokate to make a music come-back, but sadly we haven't haven't heard anything from the star since the news broke out. He did have a couple of singles out last year, but the songs didn't have as much impact as his previous hit songs.

For those that didn't know Mzambiya has a company called Five  April Media  which is the birth date of his son who was born on the fifth of April.

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