Mzansi Takes 'American Twitter' On After They Dissed This SA Star

This is what a clapback really feels like...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

South African tweeps know how to pick their battles when it comes to American Twitter

We've stepped aside when they came for Anele Mdoda over her Kelly Rowland diss. We even let them drag Lasizwe after he was accused of plagiriasing from a US vlogger.

But this time, they've taken things too far with their tacky tweets. In fact, we're ready for war - or Twar, that is.

It all started when one tweep mocked US rapper Doja Cat, who is the daughter of Yizo Yizo, Sarafina and Isibaya actor Dumisani Dlamini.

The tweep made a 'joke' (it wasn't even funny) about Doja's real name - Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini.

They also mocked the half-South African star over her choice of wigs:

But SA Tweeps have not taken the insult lying down - especially towards one of our own

We've had enough of their derogatory tweets about us being a 'backwards continent' who 'all tweet from one computer'.

We're proud to say, we've shown them what a clapback really is!

Take a look:

We hope American Twitter learnt their lesson once and for all. Don't mess with Mzansi!

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Image credit: Facebook @DojaCat