Mzwakhe Mbuli to sue Google for 'HIV label'

The poet is furious 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mzwakhe Mbuli 


Social media is abuzz right now after Mzwakhe Mbuli revealed that he would be suing Google after he found an article that allegedly claimed that he is “HIV-positive”

According to several reports, Mzwakhe is suing the search engine for defamation of character explaining that the rumor that he is HIV positive is a violation of his human dignity.

Mzwakhe who has been on a press tour is not happy with Google and has questioned the search engine's credibility after the "HIV" article.

“We should be hard on those who spread fake news and devalue the brands that we are because they are part of the bigger machinery to wipe out icons and influential black people who are principled and have an impact on the thoughts of the African majority,” he said in a Facebook post.


Speaking to DJ Fresh on MetroFM, Mzwakhe opened up about why he felt the importance to speak out and take legal action against 'Google'

“It’s contrary to what google will say or place me under people who are sick, I don’t take any tablets, so I would not challenge google if I were sick, I would not challenge google if my scripts were in various chemists as we speak, because somebody could say, Mzwakhe is lying and then leak the documents and say: ‘he’s taking x, y, z’ so you look at me now, I don’t even wear a cap, so that you guys will see, he’s a sick person...I’m not a good advert for sick people" he said

He then went on to add that he is not one to keep quiet when lies are told about him, “I’m not the kind to keep quiet when things are wrong...I’m outspoken and I don’t give the devil a chance…if you say google international has got its own offices, Google South Africa, they’ve got to attain with the constitution of the country... in this case, they touched the wrong button, because they touched the person who wouldn’t keep quiet...when I am faultless, I can guarantee you that no matter how big or strong these guys are, Mzwakhe will always say to the Goliath, there is a David," he explained.

Image credit: Instagram/@mzwakhembuli