Nasty C: Big In Japan!

The rapper is living his best life

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Nasty C 

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One of Mzansi's finest young rappers, Nasty C is posted up in Japan where he is living his best life.

They say, when you make it big in Japan-you've made it big-time and while the rest of us are currently in 'back to life, back to reality' mode, it looks like Nasty C is in vacay mode. The rapper shared a video of himself tearing it up in the streets of Japan and if you couldn't tell from his flossy, diamond-encrusted smile, he is clearly enjoying his time over there.

The young star has been giving fans a sneak peek into his Asian adventure and we can tell that he's having a great time there. Nasty C shared a short Instagram clip of him walking down the streets of Japan and basking in the energy that Asian nation had to serve him.

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He even greeted strangers with a big smile on his face, proving to the world that South Africans are friendly people (and we are, mos).
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But, that is not what caught the attention of his fans - it was actually his silly voice that got peeps laughing out loud. Nasty spoke in a high pitch voice and it was undeniably funny. Although before we got too carried away, we noted some concerns from those who thought it came off a little bit insensitive towards the Japanese.

The offense, it seems, wasn't deliberate because the rapper has been showing a lot of respect to Japan, its people and its culture.

It also seems like his day one fans, understood his intentions and didn't take the accusation seriously. One comment even suggested that he do voice-overs for cartoons.

Hey! Since he is in Japan, he could dubb some English for an Anime series. We'd love to see it!

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