Nonhle Thema on how Bonang saved her from the "IT girl" title

Nonhle Thema thanked Bonang for relieving her from her "IT girl" duties.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Nonhle Thema 

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A lot has changed for Nonhle Thema, apart from resigning from the entertainment industry. Nonhle has grown, spiritually, especially.

It is no secret that with all the recent interviews Nonhle has done, we've seen a different side of the former media personality, a side that has made many of us not judge but learn from Nonhle's experiences within the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Tbo Touch on Touch Central Nonhle shared how her daughter has been the main reason why she took a complete 360 degree change when it came to her life and her career.

"My daughter reunited me with God she is such a great pillar for the new Nonhle that I have become."

Nonhle Thema and daughter

Nonhle then went on to reminisce about how the entertainment industry, during her heydays was such a credible space to be involved in.

"The industry was such a credible space to be in, at it's best, and everyone was in it not for any other reason, but just for the passion and I feel like with so much going on now, it changed the direction of people and the reason they're in it." Said Nonhle.

Nonhle also opened up about how she was able to simply let go of the things she thought brought her happiness and success.

"I'm so free today, I can sit here so happily and just be relieved at all the things that I thought were happiness and success. Things of this world.

I made a pact with God, I said to God that if he gives me a second chance, I'd give him everything that he gave me, he could take it. I said to God take it! I walked away from everything, and everybody was laughing but they didn't understand the covenant that I made with God."

Nonhle Thema

Nonhle also touched based on her retirement and explained that she has a lot that she no longer desires about the entertainment industry.

"....the old me is gone, I have no desire to sit and interview rappers or sit and interview celebrity culture that much because I've been there. If I come back in the industry I want it to be authentic, I want it to be a reflection of the Nonhle that is born now, the mom that I am, the woman who cares about women, children because that's who I am and that's the space that I am in. 

So I want to be in the space where I can be authentic to who I am and not have to do something because I'm chasing a cheque or I'm chasing a title of an IT girl because that's no longer the priority for me."

Nonhle Thema

Nonhle was then asked when she let go of the IT girl mentality and with a sigh of relief, Nonhle shared the day she realised she was so over it.

"I was done with this IT girl thing when Bonang really stepped up, I was like WHOAH!  she saved me, because honestly, I was at the pinnacle of the industry as a female, especially when I did my reality show. 

I was the go-to person and then I also fed the media so I was the media frenzy, I liked dating rappers, I was everything, the package, not knowing that I was losing my soul through it all because I became somebody that I wasn't really. So I was really happy when the IT girl titled was relinquished from me." 

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