Nora En Pure Ready To Set The Corona Sunsets Festival Stage Alight

South Africa is her second home.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nora en Pure 

Renowned DJ and deep house producer, Nora's decade-long career has helped her gain fans from all over the world. Her throbbing deep house and indie vibes have a way of ensuring that a crowd is on their feet all night.

Not a stranger to the South African soil, in fact a part of her stems from SA, she is back to woo the Johannesburg crowd at the Corona Sunsets Festival set to take place on the 7th of December.

Nora had a few moments to spare and share what makes South African stages homely.

As a Swiss-South African-born DJ, it was only fitting to ask how have the two distinct cultures influenced her music.

"Being from South Africa and growing up in Switzerland has had an impact on music for sure. South Africa has inspired me many times, probably also because I just miss it. When I am playing, I’m always very composed and I like to be in control of things. Those traits are quite Swiss, I guess"

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What is the thought process that is involved in creating music and a playlist for her set?

"I like my music to be timeless and emotional. When I am creating music, I don’t like to put too much focus on how it is going to work in my sets, as I like the fact that you can listen to my music at home as well. When I am playing a set I like to take the listener on a journey and I often play harder or more club focused music around my tracks. I feel my own tracks then stick out as something special and are more appreciated." she proclaimed.

Emphasizing how important it is to read her crowd, the Come With Me hit-maker explained how she keeps her fans enticed for a whole 3 hours.

"It is very important to read the crowd. I think you have to find the balance on playing the music that you want to and that represents your sound properly, but also feeling what the crowd will enjoy and taking them on that journey with you."

As talented as she is in both Deejaying and producing, she boldly chose creating music as the most exciting aspect for her; as opposed to playing on different sets. A tough decision for a person of her calibre, might I add.

"It can be very exciting to play huge crowds or an intimate club with fantastic energy but on the long term, creating music is something incredible and I would probably choose that."

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She is set to light up the exciting Corona Sunsets Festival, and having recently released an EP called 'Homebound' it is quiet fitting as her return to SA is something not far from being described a homecoming. Speaking about what fans can expect, she said, "Definitely expect to hear some of my new music, mixed with some classic NEP songs, and also some unreleased music."

The international DJ had a few kind words to say about the crowd in SA and why she is excited to perform here. 

"I feel the crowds in SA are always up for a good and fun time, love dancing and are generally always cheerful. From my side I always feel very connected as many of my tracks are somewhat inspired by this country's spirit and nature and I hope that translates."

She said that she often gets messages from fans asking her to 'come home' and play. As a person who hasn't played here for quite some time, her excitement levels are through the roof.

"It's been really so long that I can't wait to be back and I hope I can make a few people happy that have been waiting a long time now."

Naming a few tracks that hold some of the fondest memories of her time in SA, she says tracks like Into The Wild and Freedom Lives Within were specially made for Mzansi. Homebound -being her latest project - is dedicated to the country, and Come With Me, Sweet Melody and Lost In Time are some of the old tracks that made it big here.

The Corona Festival is set to take place on December 7th at The Ground, Muldersdrift, JHB.

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