"NOT FUNNY Big Brother!" - Pranked housemates

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

We all love a good prank from time to time; unless of course it's played on us! This week it was the turn of the remaining Big Brother Hotshots housemates who faced a prank like we've never seen before, played, of course, by Big Brother. Like anyone who has ever had an older brother can probably attest to, this was a cruel, mean but ultimately hilarious prank to play on one's younger siblings. It's funny, it was just last week that we were writing that Big Brother needs to spice up their roster! 

In fact, last week is when this elaborate prank kicked in; Big Brother invited 10 former housemates back into the house who were:

Uti from Nigeria, Natasha from Malawi, Miss P from Botswana, Vimbai from Zimbwabwe, Sulu from Zambia, Feza from Tanzania, Elikem from Ghana, Luclay from South Africa and Lionel from Mozambique and Denzel from Uganda

And their task from Big Brother was simple: Disrupt the house while I (Big Brother) convince the housemates that you lot have a chance of winning the big prize too! The reaction from this season's housemates was priceless; they were riled up, upset and generally refused to be understanding of the fact that 10 housemates who already had their own opportunity to win the show, now had a chance to steal the limelight this year. 

If that was bad enough, Big Brother ensured it became a lot worse for this year's batch of housemates last night (Sunday) when he declared that 10 housemates (Whether old or 'new') would be evicted/swapped on the night. Cue, pandemonium. 

Tayo, Sipe and Ella (Along with 7 other 'old' housemates) were all involved in a "fake eviction" that was carried off rather convincingly. When Big Brother revealed that it was all a prank, the housemates were a mixture of relieved, annoyed and in some cases, down right angry!

Tayo could barely handle the emotional rollercoaster though! The big man nearly broke down at the end of it all. 

Shem Big Brother, this was mean but we DID ask you to spice things up we suppose!