Meet Okuhle Cele

Get to know Generations' latest character 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Okuhle Cele 

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Meet Okuhle Cele

It has been months since Thuso Mbedu's new role on SABC 1 soapie, Generations The Legacy was announced and though the news was met with a lot of scepticism, many are still excited to see what she will be bringing to the show. 

 As previously reported, she will be playing the role of Okuhle Cele, Sphe (Pearl Monama) and Fana's (Duma Mnqobi) cousin. Her mother and Sphe’s father were siblings. Okuhle was raised in the Cele royal house because her parents never married. Her older sister died in a tragic accident some time back and as a result, Okuhle has been sheltered by her mother - there were a lot of restrictions growing up. 

According to TVSA, the character has come to Johannesburg to help Sphe with the challenges of her marriage and wants to be free to start her own life, have adventures, be successful, and get away from the weight of the Cele family. She’s ambitious and wants to make something of her self and it is for this very reason that she is excited about moving to Joburg.

Much like her Isithunzi character, even though Okuhle lived a rural life, she is full of life, sexy and sassy - a bit outspoken and has an opinion on everything and everyone. She also has a manipulative streak to her but doesn't do it on purpose, it mostly happens as a defence mechanism.

She harbours a bit of bitterness towards Sphe and Fana because they were favoured by the royal family.

About Okuhle Cele 

She was forced to get a degree, like all the Cele children so she got a BA in African philosophy, just to make her family happy. She followed that up with a correspondence course with UNISA where she did a fashion design course.

She has been described as very outspoken, bold and unapologetic, but these traits sometimes make her come off as insensitive. Despite her outwardly confident personality, however, Okuhle is struggling with her own insecurities. Although she thinks she knows who she is, she’s a little delusional about how in touch with her emotions she really is.

Okhule is the kind of girl who pushes the things away that feel a little icky. She doesn't like being vulnerable or sad or angry. She really thrives on being confident. So whenever something kind of rocks the boat, she just pushes it away. 

She’s a master of social media. She’s an aspiring women’s lifestyle / interest vlogger – wants to cover everything from fitness to fashion. Okuhle finds social media fun, but she’s also fascinated with the power of social media. 

Okhule is physically fit and pretty and she’s a bit of a health nut. Not only does she eat superfoods she tries every kind of fitness activity under the sun. 

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