#OPW Highlights: Cheating and 'fleeking' brows

There is hardly a dull moment when it comes to this show.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 


Every Sunday evening, many families gather in front of the television to watch Mzansi Magic's, Our Perfect Wedding and as they witness many couples from all walks of life get married, the viewers also weigh in on the couples special day.

Sunday night’s episode of Pretty and Kenny's wedding had many tweeps talking.  

Apart from the couple getting married on the bride's birthday what was also in question was their choice of decor and their attire. 

What also had viewers scrapping their jaws from the ground was the fact that the couple had been together for seven years but had already experienced so much drama; like when the groom impregnated another woman and when the bride got kicked out of the house. 

All these revelations had a lot of viewers upset about how the couple hung out their dirty laundry for the rest of Mzansi to see.  

"When I found out that he had a child with someone else, it didn’t sit well with me, our life became unhappy, we sorted out the problem when he explained his actions and told me why he did what he did," said the bride when speaking of her husband getting another woman pregnant.

With the ‘brows on fleek’ trend still dominating social platforms, the brides' brows outshined the wedding with tweeps expressing their concerns about her make-up and her eyebrows that kept evolving throughout the countdown to their wedding day.

The road to love is never easy, and this couple was a clear and perfect example of what it means to stick through with your partner -  for better and for worse.

What did you think of last nights episode? Would you still marry Kenny if you were in Pretty's shoes? 

Main image credit: twitter.com