Papa Penny Penny and his golden lessons

There is never a dull episode when watching Papa Penny Penny Ahee.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Papa Penny 

Papa Pens

For some, he may be a laughing stock but behind all the laughter, we can't deny Papa Penny Penny continues to not only impress but teach us a lot about this thing called life.

Think about it, two weeks ago Papa Penny showed us how much he really loves and values his wife by preparing a romantic dinner for his wife and daughter.

Many of us may laugh at his inability to speak English fluently, but it is not how fluent he is in English that makes his show trend almost every week, but it is his family values and knowledge about life that makes us admire Papa Penny Penny.

Penny Penny

Last week, Papa Penny Penny taught us yet another valuable lesson about respecting and celebrating our African cultures and traditions as he not only completed paying lobola for his wife but also reminded us of the value and the importance of showing love and taking care of your mothers no matter how old you are.

So if you haven't called your mom in a while we'd suggest you pick up your phone and call your first lady.

And of course, it wouldn't be a true Papa Penny Penny episode without his very hilarious comments, last week he confused everyone when he explained his theory about diamonds and how they serve as a spiritual connection for him.

And let's not forget about his black feather outfit that made him feel as though he was flying.

Penny Penny

On the topic of the color black, did you know, that according to Papa Penny Penny, he is not black but gold? The Tsonga disco king collaborated with rapper/producer, JR to create a song about being gold and not black.

And of course social media had a field day with Papa Penny Penny's gold statement.

So dear readers, you are not black but gold. R.I.P to the yellow bone phenomena, gold bone is now the new trend.

As hilarious as the song sounds, we must admit that the song is catchy, how many of you last night went to bed singing. "I'm not black! I'm a goldie color!?"


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