Phil Mphela Exposes TV Industry

"SA talents rates are the pits"

By  | Mar 31, 2021, 09:31 AM  | Phil Mphela 

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South African independent TV critic and entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela is not happy with the exploitation of background actors. “SA talent rates are the pits,” he tweeted.

Phil revealed that the background artists also known as extras are paid R150 per day. He tweeted: “Hayini guys, Extras getting paid R150 per day for a shoot of 8 hours, No Transport provided and they only get this money after a month.”  
Did I mention some of these productions treat these extras like sh*t,” he added.
Actress Rami Chuene who did a whole thread last year about how the industry works also weighed in, she said “Beeeeeeeen saying! Also, they must bring their own wardrobe. You know what? Let me not start. Today is a very emotional day.

On a thread that she posted explaining in detail how actors get paid, she also touched on the treatment of background actors and their experiences on set. She said she was an extra once and she never wanted to do it again.

Extras: Eish... okay, I’m worried I might not be objective here but being an extra is the hardest thing to do. I was an extra once, and only once. When they asked us to come back the next day, I said no. I was in continuity, I never went back, they didn’t pay me, I didn’t care.

"Extras don’t get paid a lot of money. It can be anything from R200-R400 p/day. They bring their wardrobe & shoes. They sit, wait to be selected based on what scene requires. It can be all day &they’re not in the dressing room like leads. Meals? They wait their turn after cast & crew,” she tweeted.

Actress and TV presenter Refilwe Modiselle also shared her experience. She tweeted: “That was the same going rate when I was 21 (roundabout that age, I don’t remember) & an extra on the old generations. I never even saw that money.”

Daily Sun has reported that the background actors are planning to embark on a march to the SABC. They are fighting against agencies and production houses for higher rates.

This is not only about the money but also the treatment we get. Working 12 hours for that amount of money is exploitation. The treatment on set is very bad. We eat the leftovers of cast and crew. Are we not important Actors have been paid between R150 and R250 for the last six years and it is not fair? ” one of the march organizers told the publication.

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