Why The Qwabe Twins Chose Tira Over Zahara

It was nothing personal though...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Qwabe Twins 

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New information has emerged regarding the Qwabe twins' decision to sign with DJ Tira over Zahara, who was also interested in the singers. 

Virginia and Viggy Qwabe are two of the hottest properties in South African music right now. After their controversial exit from SA Idols, the nation's biggest musicians were vying to sign the outspoken duo and in the end it came to a two-horse race as Zahara and DJ Tira both declared an interest in signing them. IN the end, however, the sisters signed to Afrotainment and they haven't looked back.

For the first time since the whirlwind adventure, we found out why Viggy and Virginia chose Tira over the Loliwe singer. According to their father Lawrence, the decision was nothing personal and instead they sided with Tira after he made them a stronger offer. He said to Sunday Sun:

“We don’t have a problem with Zahara. It’s just that we couldn’t communicate properly with her. I saw people writing bad things about her proposal of working with the twins on social media, but we didn’t look at that.

“Tira gave us the best advice and we see the results. My twins are travelling the world and doing well. We don’t regret choosing to work with him.”
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Meanwhile the publication was able to unearth new details from a well-place sourced about the move. The person in question claims that Zahara's personal life affected her chances. They claim:

“The twins family held the meeting and decided to ditch Zahara. This is because of the previous reports that she was boozing too much and her career was on the rock. Also her dispute with TS Records owners DJ Sbu and TK Ncinza contributed on her loss. After that the communication between Zahara and Qwabe family ended,”

If you were in the Qwabe Twins' shoes would you have made the same decision?

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