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She has been through the most

By  | Apr 11, 2021, 12:26 PM  | Rachel Kolisi 

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Springboks captain Siya Kolisi's wife Rachel Kolosi has revealed that she attempted suicide several times. She was speaking to Youtuber and content creator Mpoomy Ledwaba on Mpoomy’s Wisdom and Wellness podcast.

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She said she tried to commit suicide when she was a teenager: “I just remember being stuck in a whole, I tried to commit suicide when I was 15. It’s been 2 to 3 years cutting myself and crying for help and just not finding it, people not understanding …… I remember I received an email from someone I met in America... he was quite harsh with me, he was like ‘how dare you to think that your life is something for you to decide when it’s over, how dare you not think about people who love you?’…I was in a whole, I don’t know but for a better explanation, it was like a slap in the face. It was like ‘wake up, realize where you are and what can you do, what can you control, what can you do in a whole to get out

She told Mpoomy that her parents knew that she was struggling but they "were so caught up in everything they had going on." She said her suicide attempt brought more drama as they start blaming each other.

Rachel also spoke about raising confident girls, struggle with depression, and her encounter with Christ.’
“I went through something really difficult not too long ago but a couple of years ago to the point that I couldn’t function and I had four kids at home and I literally couldn’t function as a human being. I’d get out of bed and just lie on the floor, I have a wooden floor at home and it was cold but I just wanted to feel something. The stuff that I was going through was so difficult and so challenging,” she said.

Speaking about finding Christ, she said she came to realize that the life that she was living then did not lead her to where she wanted to be.
“I realized after school that the life that I am living is not getting me to the healthy marriage, healthy life, the good career, it’s not getting me there, it’s getting me somewhere else and I was like I need to go back to my base. Yes, I was raised in Christian more of the religious side but I went into this discovery of who Jesus is and what does Jesus do for us until this day sometimes I pray and I am like Lord I just wanna understand more of the sacrifice that happened more of that decision to sacrifice your son for us.”

You can listen to the full podcast here: Wisdom And Wellness With Mpoomy Ledwaba

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