Rapulana Seiphemo: Let’s build our own film industry

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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Rapulana Seiphemo 

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Instead of moaning about international filmmakers telling South African stories, Rapulana Seiphemo believes that we need to make our own movies.

“Stop complaining about people coming, they have the money, they can come and do whatever they want to do with their money,” the actor said in a recent interview on Power FM

“And they can make the decisions that they want to make because they need to make the money back and more. We need to focus on the fact that, let’s build our own film industry,” Rapulana said. 

When asked about the challenges that come with raising money to make your own movies, the Generations: The Legacy star said it’s difficult.

“For our very first movie [with actor Kenneth Nkosi] which was White Wedding, from the onset we told ourselves that you know what, let’s actually restrict ourselves… all we need is a million rands and we’ll make this movie, and we went out to make a movie for a million rands. We ended up spending seven million rands.”

Rapulana added that the good thing is that they made the money back because of licensing.

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