AKA And Nadia Nakai Out On Vacation Together?

Nadia's Secret Santa is doing the most

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In another dismal attempt at ZAlebs trying to hide their alleged relationships, we have AKA and Nadia Nakai. It seems as though Nota Baloyi was spot on with his speculations and Mzansi cannot deal.

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Many of our celebrities are letting their hair down and enjoying their much deserved vacations. A handful are enjoying the Mother City in the Western Cape, while others decided to take a short left to the wilderness and become one with nature.

That is exactly what rapper AKA and Nadia Nakai decided and it makes sense seeing how lowkey the location might be.

Now we are not saying that they are in the same location but the pictures speak for themselves - and they are telling a 1000 words.

First we have AKA who is documenting his trip in the safari but he did not reveal where. What made us more suspicious is the caption on his post where he calls himself 'Secret South Ahh Santa.' Now, Nadia Nakai posted her Christmas gift which is a Rolex and mentioned secret Santa. Coincidence? Maybe not!

Check out AKA's post in the wild.

Then we have Nadia Nakai who also posted a picture of herself in a similar location. Although she might have tried to trick her followers by posting an image in the dark.

In both their Insta stories, they posted similar content including the nature whilst in a moving car, their dinner plates and Nadia even posted an outdoor fire. The dots just keep on connecting!

Fans are elated at this new rumoured celebrity couple and they are making the two rappers know that the cat is out the bag. Here are some of the comments:

janice_sequa: "We know who, it's not a secret anymore!"

pre.usi: "Don't play with us. You know what this caption is fueling. Just tell us we are happy for you."

comingwithvengeance: "One thing I respect about Mega is how unapologetic he his about who he goes out with.. Bro likes who he likes and will make it known."

linfordnyathi: "Cat's out the bag, am happy for you guys."

qondile_1: "So y'all call each other "Secret Santa"...? Yazin sibadala (we are adults.)"

We mentioned Nota earlier on. He was the very first person to make this revelation and nobody took him seriously. In an episode on his Everybody Hates Nota podcast, The Authority said, "What's happening with AKA and Nadia?" He even mentioned that they have been spending so much quality time together.

We cannot help but wonder if this is the reason why Nadia Nakai and Cassper's relationship reached rock bottom. If you may recall, Nadia mentioned that Cassper did not speak to her for 8 months after she appeared on the Braai Show which was hosted by AKA at the time.

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Speaking to AKA's former best friend Da L.E.S, Nadia said she would never work with AKA because people would not receive well to it. Especially because AKA and Cassper are sworn enemies and that Nadia was still signed to Cassper's record label. 

"Honestly, I am a fan of AKA. Every time I've met him he has never disrespected me or been weird with me or anything. But I think the only reason that I wouldn't is because I don't think it would get positive attention, I don't think it would be something that would be celebrated."

In another interview with Khuli Chana, she might have implied that she is the reason the two are beefing. "When AKA released the Baddest Remix with all the female Emcees that made Cassper & TLee more drawn to work with me because they felt I was left out on purpose," Nadia told the rapper.

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