Is This Proof That AKA Has Moved On?

Tweeps are not pleased!

By  | Dec 29, 2021, 10:32 AM  | AKA  | Relationships

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This year has seen most if not all of our Zalebs go through the most difficult of times. One of them being AKA who had to mourn the death of his fiancé Nellie Tembe. Time and time again, the artist has taken to his social media to remember his lost love and all of Mzansi has been rallying behind him.

What has had Mzansi in shock however, is after a tweep took to twitter to reveal that AKA was rumoured to be dating rapper Nadia Nakai, and not only that, but that he had also bought her a Rolex watch! What did you get for Christmas again? 

But just in case you think it’s all rumours and empty talk, the rapper did post the photo of the Rolex watch on her Instagram, saying that her secret santa decided to come through for her this Christmas. Taking to her comment section, fans agree that the gesture has AKA written all over it. 

In response on Twitter, tweeps are not all too excited about this news. In fact they think that AKA seems to be moving on too fast following Nellie’s death, and that maybe he should lay off dating for a while. 

And while AKA has not shared anything on his social media to suggest that he has a new love in his life, this news has landed him in some very hot soup. 

As if that is not enough, tweeps have also gone ahead to drag Nadia saying that if she really has found her way into AKA’s heart, then it says alot about her taste in men. According to them, if she is not careful, she might as well end up like Nellie.

Others have also gone ahead to drag Cassper’s name in the whole saga, saying that he will not be pleased to see that Nadia is with AKA. And while Cassper’s fans have shown up in numbers to shut these trolls down, many remain convinced that Nadia is accepting gifts from AKA so that she can get back at Cassper. 

If you can recall, it was not that long ago when a tweep came forward to share how she had spent the night with AKA, and had many believing that she was AKA’s new lover. The woman, Ikageng, mentioned that AKA was so into her and that it was how they hit it off.

Despite her very detailed expose, it seemed Mzansi remained unbothered and called her a clout chaser, saying that the only reason she leaked the video months later was because she was clot chaisng and was looking for an easy way into fame.
One thing is for sure, Mzansi will ensure that AKA does not move on as easily as he may want from Nellie. 

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