Mzansi Unimpressed By AKA's Alleged New Lover

She tried to expose him, but nobody cares

By  | Dec 24, 2021, 11:55 AM  | AKA  | Drama

Image of AKA
Rapper AKA’s fans and followers recently complained about the boring year they have had as his supporters. He has had no drama, no beef, really he has given them no reason to talk about him online, so they almost forgot about him. But that changed immediately. 
A video emerged online of a woman called Ikageng exposing him, saying they hooked up at Rockets in November. She went on to detail how much he was into her, saying they hit it off and eventually spent the night together, after he had touched and spanked her a lot throughout the event. 
We can imagine Ikageng expected the expose to rock the nation, but Mzansi is thoroughly underwhelmed by her news. Tweeps are wondering why they should care about her story. All they did was sleep together, if that is even true, and it was consensual. How exactly is that news for people to lose sleep over? They don’t get it. 
Others have concluded that she is trying to use the fact that she spent the night with AKA to get famous. They are calling her out on her sad attempt at clout chasing. The main question is “Who is Ikageng?” and fans have even turned on the tweep who broke the news, asking him what exactly he was trying to tell them. 

like what’s the plot...did data run out before you tell why this is posted?” one fan questioned. 
It seems that so far, nobody has any clue who Ikageng is. Attempts to look her up online have yielded nothing both for us and for other AKA fans, so it seems that they are right about her chasing clout with that post. 

Tweeps also want to know what she does for a living. They think she is a broke girl who thought that sleeping with AKA would be her ticket to the soft life, but he jilted her and now she is scrambling for relevance. 
The rapper has had a rough year, and the last thing he needs is to be dragged into the spotlight for pointless drama. He spent the better part of the year mourning his fiancee, Anele Tembe. Nellie died after taking her fatal fall from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel, in Cape Town. Her gruesome death sent shockwaves across the whole country.

He had an interview in which he told it all and addressed rumours that he had been abusive to Nellie. He said she had been suicidal, and even threatened it on multiple occasions. But he did not see it coming when she died just hours after they had a fight, and the incident has been understandably traumatic for him. 

We will be awaiting further details on Ikageng, who she is and what she hoped to accomplish by dishing the tea. Until then, we join AKA’s fans as they rally for his recovery from the trauma he had to deal with this year. Here’s to a better year for him in 2022. 

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