AKA Left Heartbroken As He Remembers Nellie Tembe

Gone but not forgotten

By  | Dec 14, 2021, 09:56 AM  | AKA  | Relationships

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It's been 8 months since rapper AKA lost his wife Anele Tembe, in a tragic incident that took place in Cape Town early this year and the pain of losing her will forever linger in his heart.

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Taking to his Instagram account to remember her, AKA shared a video clip of him and Anele dancing in a kitchen with a heartbreak emoji. The Megacy comforted him and said he is forever in their prayers.
Nellie died after taking her fatal fall from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel, in Cape Town. Her gruesome death sent shockwaves across the whole country.

In a tell-all interview with Newzroom Afrika's Thembekile Mrototo, AKA gave his version of the events following claims that he was involved in her death. AKA denied abusing Anele and said she was suicidal and she tried committing suicide on several occasions.

He said moments before she took her fatal fall, they had an argument: "I told myself it would be best if I remove myself from the situation, and I gathered my belongings and booked myself into another room, hoping things would calm down. It got worse, she took off her ring and threw it at me. I came back to the room because I had taken her phone. Things took a turn for the worse where Anele kind of threatened to kill herself, jump off the balcony... she didn't say it in those words though." he said.

AKA said he was in a bathroom trying to call hotel security when Anele cut her life short. “When I came out of the bathroom she wasn’t in the room. I look around the room and she’s not there then I go to the balcony and look over the balcony and down to the street and that’s where she was,” said AKA.

It got even messier after the Podcast and Chill With Mac-G team claimed to have received a damning letter shortly after Anele Tembe fell to her death on April 11. The team revealed they were hesitant to read the letter out because the credibility of the person was not verified, but after AKA's interview, the dots seemed to have connected.

"Nelli was suffering in her relationship she struggled with cheating and abuse from Kiernan (AKA). It started last year she had mentioned to me that she had tried to take her life after finding out he had been sleeping with other women. But what really shook Nelli was when she found sexual messages on his phone [between] AKA and DA L.E.S' baby mama.

"She was devastated and the messages broke her heart, it was all there in plain sight AKA was having an affair with Aurea, Da LES’ baby mama who was very much involved and still in a relationship with Da LES. They have a daughter together, Kiernan has been to multiple birthday parties for their baby," Mac G read the letter.

Recently AKA remembered Anele on the four-month anniversary of her death. He penned an emotional post on his Instagram account:

"4 months to this day. It never goes away. Everyday I pray for her, myself and our families. I will never be the same person I was ... but I will do the best I can with the gift and opportunity of life that I still have left, [sic]" AKA captioned a photo of the couple on Wednesday.

"Thank You to everyone who has stuck by me and our respective families ... you know who you are," he added.

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