AKA Grateful His 107 Year Old Great Grandmother Beat Covid-19

AKA called his great grandmother a living legend

By  | Aug 16, 2020, 05:30 PM  | AKA  | Relationships

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AKA revealed weeks ago that he had contracted the infectious and deadly Coronavirus. The rapper shared the news via social media and also joked that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had paid him to say he had contracted the disease. He later shared a video of himself coughing that left his fans shocked.

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The rapper came out and shared the kind of medication he had been prescribed in order to beat the virus and also mentioned he was self quarantining at the time.  A few weeks after making the announcement he came out and told his fans that they need not worry because he had completely recovered from Covid-19 and was doing well. 

He also mentioned that his girlfriend Nellie Tembe had nursed him back to health, well AKA should also thank his strong genes for his speedy recovery as recently his great grandmother made the news as an article was written about her because she beat Covid-19 at the age of 107. This is remarkable because people who are in advanced age are very vulnerable to the disease and once they get it,  chances of survival are very low. The obviously excited Fela In Versace hitmarker took to Twitter and shared the news as he wrote 

" My Great Grandmother Meta Reed beat COVID 19 at the age of 107. 

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