Bonang Has Found The One!

Who could this mystery man be?

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 10:24 AM  | Bonang Matheba  | Relationships

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It has been months since Bonang told fans she will be introducing her boyfriend, but all she does is brag about how she has found 'the one.' Just recently, Lebonza commented on a tweeps' post where gushes about how she is deserving of her man.

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A woman was left in awe by her boyfriend saying she has found the one, and she is deserving of this happiness. "Yoh. I found my man. It’s crazy. But I deserve it," she gushed.

Bonang replied with "same" making her fans wonder who her mystery man is. Others were shook that Bonang is dating and how good she is at keeping her private life very private.

When she first hinted at being in love, Bonang got her fans suspicious of her mystery bae. A few months back, a fan asked her when will we get to see her new lover and she said she will be posting his knees very soon. Another asked if she is dating anyone and she responded with a GIF where she is winking at them.

She even said she will spoil her man rotten because tat's just what se does.

Bonang is probably keeping her relationship on the down low because of her past failed public relationships. She once dated Nigerian superstar D'banj, Euphonik and rapper AKA.

In her relationship with Euphonik, it was alleged that he beat her up in 2012 but she later dropped the charges.

Their relationship again made headlines when The Ghost Lady from Podcast And Chill alleged that Euphonik was jealous of Bonang's relationship with D'banj so he burnt her passport so she would not see him in Nigeria.

"Apparently Euphonik burnt Bonang's passport just so she cannot travel to [Lagos] see D'banj," she claimed.

Yes, Bonang and D'banj were an item and they kept things under wraps for months until making their thing official when they strut the 2015 MTV MAMA red carpet.

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Moving to her relationship with AKA, it ended very dismally in tears when it was alleged that AKA cheated on DJ Zinhle with Bonang, while Zinhle was pregnant with Kairo.

Their fights became nasty with Bonang threatening to sue DJ Zinhle but our girl Zee did not fold.

Zinhle released a statement where she exposed Bonang for having an alleged affair with her baby daddy.

"A week before our daughter was born, I found out about an affair between Kiernan (the father of my child) and Bonang Matheba. I also received confirmation of all rumours through an honest conversation which I had with Kiernan, who confirmed that the affair had been going on for over 5 months.

"I will always respect him for his honesty. I have dealt with this and found peace with his choice. After the release of our first statement regarding the separation I felt that there was no need to go into details about the reasons, however, after the continued public display of Kiernan and Bonang’s relationship as well as the commentary surrounding it, it has become important for me to affirm my power as a women, my strength of character, my continued focus on my work and my commitment to being a positive role model. 

"Never have I understood the challenges confronted by those women I delivered elaborate speeches to without fully understanding their pain. That being said, after a long period of introspection, I would still say what I have always said to every women who has come to me with their challenges and pain."

Bonang however denied these claims and said she was single and looking to focus on her work. 

“This is to confirm that Ms. Matheba is aware of the allegations made against her, and the media reports surrounding the matter. We are taking these statements very seriously and are unfortunately unable to comment further as the issue has been handed over to Ms. Matheba’s legal team. We can however confirm that Ms. Matheba is currently not involved in a relationship, as she has always stated. Bonang is solely focused on her work and the projects she is finalising to ensure she wraps up what has been an incredible year, with a bang.“

In an interview within East coast radio though, DJ Zinhle said she and Bonang were cool at the time. This was after B and AKA broke up, "Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself, so I had to forgive everyone...we've never been friends before that, I think that's the mistake...but we cool, we don't look at each other funny, we are decent girls, we are good girls..." Zinhle clarified.

Whew talk about drama!

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