"You Guys Will Judge Him" - Bonang On Showing Off Her Bae

Is Bonang ready to reveal who her bae is?

By  | Nov 23, 2022, 11:10 AM  | Bonang Matheba  | Relationships

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Bonang Matheba is a gone girl! The media personality has always been open about her dating life and this time is a bit different because she wants to keep it as private as possible. 

Bonang was recently on Instagram live where she was asked by her fans, why does she never post her boyfriend. She gave a hilarious response saying people will judge him. 

"I am dating but you guys would judge him so I can't show his face," Bonang said and later revealed that she posts him on close friends only. In an interview with Drum magazine, Bonang said she is currently dating her American boyfriend and is happy, but will not post him. 

“I have been dating my American guy for about a year and four months now,” revealed the TV presenter. “But I just feel, the last time I introduced someone to my fans and followers, things just went pear-shaped.

“Showing my relationships has never benefited me in any way. It has brought me worse than good, and I learned that the hard way. I feel like I make more money when people don’t know who I am dating. But I am happy in this relationship. You can see my happiness in my glow and I am not short of anything,” she continued.

She then said her relationship is official even though it is not Instagram official, “Just because it’s not on Instagram, doesn’t mean it’s not happened. My fans don’t love it when I keep secrets, but I have been burned in the past and I am being careful.”

Bonang also spoke about her trip to New York which was a way for her to expand on her career because she has done it all in South Africa so she needs to expand on her career. 

“I always wanted to challenge myself when I felt I had reached the roof at home. I wanted to see what was out there. In terms of business and live productions, it doesn’t get bigger than the Miss SA pageant, SAMAs, Metros, and the Sports Awards which I have all done and there isn’t anything left for me to do, and the next step was to either go international or remain in the same place without growth. The next step was for me to see the world and where I can go,” she says.

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