"Ntsiki was so happy when Bonang was being kicked out of BNG" - Nota on Ntsiki's Podcast Scandal

Nota offers to take over Ntsiki's Unpopular Opinion

By  | Nov 19, 2022, 11:52 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai was off social media for a couple of weeks.

But upon her return MaMiya was quick to remind us why her Twitter account stands as one of the most contentious and controversial accounts on the blue app. This is as it took her less than a week to climb up the trends list as she revealed her business deal gone wrong.

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In July 2022 Mazwai was elated when she took to her social media accounts to confirm that she has finally started her own podcast called Unpopular Opinion.

A podcast which Mazwai touted to have engaging, spiritually led and “deep” conversations with thought-leaders unlike the sensational and pop culture focussed podcasts like Podcast and Chill
But it took all of four months for Mazwai, like many of the ZAlebs she in the past has dragged for not owning their content, to come out and address the matter of her own lack of ownership of her intellectual property. This is as Unpopular Opinion is actually the brainchild of production company Electube Productions and Mazwai was just hired as talent and host. 
Ntsiki’s fans unsubscribe to Unpopular Opinion 
In light of the official statement which in part read and confirmed that: 
“This statement serves to inform our beloved viewers and followers that Unpopular opinion has taken a new creative direction as we have changed the format and structure of the podcast. We as Electribe Production and Miss Nontskikelelo "Ntsiki" Mazwai have parted ways due to a strained professional relationship and partnership." 
As such fans of Mazwai took to her timeline to showcase how they have been unsubscribing due to the belief that they too were duped as they believed that Mazwai was the owner of the podcast.Hence a channel which once had close to 20 000 subscribers is currently sitting with just over 14 800 subscribers since the news of the end of the partnership between Mazwai and Electube has been announced. 
Nota offers to take over Ntsiki’s Unpopular Opinion
Indication of the change in hosts for Unpopular Opinion started to show with the last two episodes which were uploaded which had different hosts between the two episodes. But it was with the formal statement confirming that Mazwai is no longer part of the podcast that it seems that aspiring podcasters started to see an opportunity to piggyback on the early success of the channel. 
Therefore, it came as no surprise that equally contentious Twitter personality and former “friend” to MaMiya, Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi put his hand up to be the “interim replacement” for Mazwai while the podcast finds a new host. A sentiment which is not surprising considering that Nota is what can be referred to as a “community podcaster.” But what was surprising was Nota labelling Mazwai a snake.

Nota since having hung his music executive hat has been on every, and we mean every South African podcast which will have him. While for those looking from the outside it be confusing why Nota would agree to be used by these podcasts for an upsurge in views, the contentious personality most renowned now for attacking police officers and harassing his estranged wife seems to enjoy the notoriety he receives as it seems that Twitter has become his nine-to-five. As such, Mazwai was flippant in her response to Nota’s tweet. 

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