Is Priddy Destroying His Marriage?

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By  | Apr 15, 2021, 11:43 AM  | Bontle Modiselle  | Relationships

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Bontle Moloi and Priddy Ugly's relationship has been placed under scrutiny for a very long time now. The dancer and choreographer was a guest on the music talk show PopCast with DJ Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini. On the episode she talks about her career as well as her husbands' and how him being broke affected them.

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The dancer who is extremely supportive of her husband's career spoke about how them being together probably affected, or is still affecting, Priddy's career. On a previous episode, Scoop spoke about how organisers of major events or even small ones are not booking Priddy Ugly so that he would go broke. He reckons that this is to make Bontle frustrated because of the financial instability, and then eventually leave him.

Bontle agreed that indeed that is the case, so she had to be wary of how she maneuvers in the industry, taking into consideration how difficult the industry her husband is in. 

“I guess somewhat to a degree, it did affect how I maneuvered in the game in consideration of him and the industry that he’s in and his peers. It did affect how I maneuvered. So certain relationships, deciding who to work with and who not to work with. Which company to keep, who do I entertain and who don’t I. It affected all of that, it really did and in many ways…“ she said. 

Afrika's mom then said they had this conversation so she had to remove herself a bit and see how things change in his career.

“It’s chats I had with Priddy where I was just like… There was a time I did speak to him years ago where I was like, I wonder if our relationship affects your work or affects your career and I could remove myself emotionally and look at it from the outside and say, hmm.. I wonder what factor I play in how things happen in his life and his presence in my life, and how it affects everything that happens with me,” she chuckled.
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Obviously, the powers that be gave them strength and they got married. Last month, she created hysteria when she slammed people who underrated her husband and his creativity. She slammed people who called him a 'whack rapper' and they caught some heat.

"I actually can’t believe how underrated, undervalued and overlooked my husband is. In RAPS? Are you kidding me?" she asked.  "And of course I’ll go hard for him, but don’t let basic thinking have you assume it’s because of any obligation. He’s f**king dope. His pen is undeniable. Man...Stop playing!"

"A lot of you go out of your way to act weird/strange when it comes to Priddy and I’m yet to understand why...I guarantee you the ones with the most to say about Priddy Ugly have heard the least. He’s wack? On the basis of what? A lot of you ride that wave cause it’s cooler or safer to do. Herd mentality gripped you by the balls. So how can we take anything you say seriously?

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