Brenden speaks on how he knew his wife was the one

He knew she was the one when she saved him from a lot of trouble.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Brenden Praise  | Relationships

Brenden Praise and his wife

Musician Brenden and his wife might be one of mzansi’s it couples right now after getting hitched in a simple yet gorgeous private wedding earlier last year.

But judging from how quick the couple moved after their engagement, it’s clear that they have always known they were meant for each other, Brenden recently opened up about what led him to popping the question.

In an interview on Massiv Metro, Brenden revealed what made him marry his wife and opened up about his relationship with money and admitting that his mother had always had to hold his money for him.

“My brother and I were out, and we were within groove and so I was dating my girl at the time, and so I had this system where - because I wasn’t good with money, I’d let my mom hold my money but it’s not that I didn’t have money, my mom would hold it for me, she’d put it in a savings for me, so I would call her and be like: Mom I need this much and then she transfers…”


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Brenden went on to add that having his mom hold his money did not come to his convenience.

The singer shared a story about how he and his friends got into an accident and had to fix the car before the parents saw it, but his girlfriend Mpumi Ledwaba, now wife played the hero that night.

“...we have a slight around 3 am in the morning, so now, I don't have I call my girl, I’m like: ‘babe I think I need like R3000, I’ve had an accident.' I tell her the whole story and she didn’t ask why she just sent the money...and I paid her back obviously. But the fact that I was in a situation...she could’ve said: ‘what were you doing’ and I was like yoh! This girl is the one’...that was like the first time I actually thought about it. I’d never experienced such kindness, and it wasn’t about the money, it’s more about, the fact that she was there, she didn’t ask questions, she just transferred."

The couple's bond has been stronger ever since and they do the most 'couple-goal' worthy things.

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