Meet Dj Maphorisa's Crush - The Whistle Blower

She is causing quiet a stir with her whistle in the party circles.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Relationships

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Ladies and Gentleman, there is a new girl in town who is swiftly becoming a social media sensation. Renei Solana who many have dubbed as "Ngwana Referee or Whistler", has been causing quite a stir in the party circles with her whistle. If our instincts are correct, she hails from the home of Amapiano, in Pretoria.

It is no secret that Amapiano has dominated airwaves and slowly structured itself into the street culture. The distinctive new genre has had partygoers around the country on their feet, and swinging their hips as it pumps through speakers.

It is infused with hit dance moves, which are impeccable and have captured the hearts of Mzansi. Last week, the internet was ablaze with a video of Renei, entertaining scores of clubgoers after it went viral on social media. Renei became a hit, merely for blowing her whistle while she wets the floor with her incredible dance moves.

As many were curious about her whereabouts and who she is, Black Twitter went on an overdrive and found her. On Saturday, Renei had more than 12k followers on Instagram, but today she has garnered more than 30K followers. It's true when they say social media can turn a person into an overnight hit right?

Homegirl has since been on our timelines, and it's beautiful to see her blowing her whistle while she is making her great moves. Mzansi has been hyping praises on her, and Dj Maphorisa saw her video and described her as his crush. Sis is beautiful too!, if we may add, so we are not surprised to hear uncle Phorry crushing on her.

Homeboy asked his legions of followers whether he should bring her on stage at the Scorpion Kings Live concert which will be hosted at Sun Arena in April. Many said she will deliver the content they signed up for, so they approved.

One of her videos on twitter has reached more than 1.3 million and she just keeps on melting our hearts.

See some of her hit videos.
Mzansi has received her with warm hands and they are loving her.

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