Enhle Mbali Writes A Love Letter To Her Boobs

Enhle appreciates her breasts in all the ups and downs.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa  | Relationships

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Enhle Mbali appreciates her breasts for holding their own even after having babies.

The Herd actress took to Instagram to share a gorgeous image of herself in a cute two-piece costume taken in collaboration with Cosmopolitan magazine's breast cancer awareness campaign. 

The image had a handwritten love letter on it from herself to her breasts. The letter read:
“Dear breast’esists… Thank you for the journey, you held your own even after babies. I promise to keep in touch, I promise to be kind to you in all our ups and downs… Sincerely Your, Enhle Mbali.”

Not long after Enhle posted the image, some mysterious 'hater' reported the said image and had it taken down. The Sincerely Yours show host was, however, unrelenting in her pursuit to continue sharing the message of appreciation for her breasts. Enhle reposted the reported image with the following caption:

"Let’s show that hater that had this taken down [that they don't get to dictate anything]. Cosmopolitan SA #DearBoobs #SelfLoveIssue.  My milkshakes stay in my yard.... personally imperfect I’m a advocate for breast cancer awareness!!"
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She also posted a short video clip from the campaign photoshoot with the caption: 

"Ladies touch your boobs. In all their shapes sizes and perfectly imperfect balances. Breast Cancer is real. Men your not out of the clear. So make it fun touch each other ,for life sake."
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Ladies, doesn't this just make you appreciate your breasts a little bit more?

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