Faith Nketsi Shows Off Epic Anniversary Gift

Her bae has expensive taste

By  | Sep 22, 2021, 05:57 PM  | Faith Nketsi  | Relationships

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Socialite Faith Nketsi is beaming after her mysterious boyfriend, who she is not planning on revealing to the world anytime soon, bought her an epic anniversary gift.

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Queen Twerk and her boyfriend have reached a milestone in their private relationship and he decided to surprise her with a luxury car. Taking to her social media stories, Faith revealed that her boyfriend gifted her with a stunning black range rover as an anniversary gift.

The car was wrapped in a red bow and red balloons, and accompanied by her friends and brother, she got the surprise of her life.
Faith Nketsi IG Story
Faith Nketsi IG Story
Faith Nketsi IG Story

Last year she tweeted that she wants a man who does not know how to dance.

Faith had made her mother's dream come true when she bought her a house, at just 25. "I’m so grateful beyond words. I wanted to buy my mom her own house but she loved this house so much and honestly, I only do this for her, so we decided let’s build our dream home and honestly if anyone would have told me that I’d be here at 25 I would’ve laughed."

Another ZAleb who got gifted an epic birthday gift was Phuti Khomo who got a truck from her husband. This totaled her trucks to 2!

“And then there were 2!!! I LOVE MY MAN.” She said. “I appreciate him to the ends of the earth! Really, truly. To have someone love you enough to support you in every way, including your DREAMS is very rare. I honestly never thought that he would actually do it.”

She said she had mentioned it in passing that she would like to get another truck, but did not think she would actually get one. 

“He knew I needed another truck, and I kept on asking for one of his, to which he kept saying “maybe God will bless you one day” little did I know that God was already working in my favour as I was asking. God, I’m always touched by your grace I am eternally grateful, and will always speak on your miracles in my life, like this one Thank you to my sister @jacquiekhomo for organizing this surprisenana I love your drama and creativity, cause you know my baby, doesn’t have an imaginative bone in his body.”

Phuthi thanked everyone who came together to make sure that her birthday was a special one. “Again, thank you to all who came together to make this surprise possible, including my work staff you guys really didn’t have to do this on your off day, so I appreciate you giving your time to make my gift memorable,” she said in part.
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