Pabi Cooper And Focalistic Really Are Dating?

Fans think that Pabi “bricked” Foca from DBN Gogo.

By  | Mar 16, 2023, 08:55 AM  | Focalistic   | Relationships

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Pabi Cooper in the past two years has come a long way from dancer to leading Amapiano vocalist. The Is’phithiphithi hitmaker has certified herself as one of the biggest Amapiano acts in the country following selling out Sun Bet Arena recently with her “one-woman show.”

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However, for some fans, the biggest point of interest when it comes to Pabi recently is the matter of her dating life. This is as it has been long speculated that Pabi might have been the reason for the end of the relationship between Amapiano’s DBN Gogo and Focalistic

A fact which seems like the longer the breakup between the aforementioned, the more plausible it becomes that the matter is true. 

Pabi Cooper and Focalistic really are dating? 

If Pabi Cooper and Focalistic were trying to disprove the allegations that they were dating, then they are doing a hatchet job. This is as it seems since their relationship was speculated, the two have done everything to prove that the allegations might be true. 

Most recently, the two have been inseparable in regards to their social media presence. It seems that every time either one posts images of their performances, one is not far from the other in any of the images. 
However, it was the manner that Pabi has been hyping up Focalistic on social media that has their fans convinced that they are dating. This is as Pabi now reshares every post by Focalistic and Focalistic in return replies to every post. 
But maybe the biggest tell-tale sign of their relationship was Pabi’s latest tattoo. Taking to social media recently, Pabi shared that she was getting a new tattoo. The tattoo which was the year 1983 has the same typography as that used by Focalistic on his latest album cover and matches the same typography as that of his own “God first” tattoo. 
The fact that Pabi did not post the tattoo on Twitter suggests that she was nervous that tweeps would be quick to highlight the similarities and assert that she was dating Focalistic. A fact which would mean that she did possibly “steal” Focalistic from DBN Gogo, which would explain why the two former collaborators do not interact on social media. 

Especially considering that the two have collaborated on one of their biggest singles to date. Back in 2022, DBN Gogo released her mega-hit Bambelela which she worked on with Felo le Tee, featuring Young Stunna and Pabi Cooper.
At the time of the single’s release, it was rumoured that the two had initially meant for the single to be just the two of them. However, after Young Stunna jumped on the song, Pabi and DBN Gogo wanted to work on more music together and teased the possibility of a joint album. 

But given the current circumstances, it seems there is a better chance of a Focalistic and Pabi Cooper joint album than there is of a DBN Gogo and Pabi joint album or even a collaboration in the future. 

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