Is Jen Bala The Vilain Of “The Bala Family?”

Viewers are not feeling Loyiso’s wife following the latest episode.

By  | May 19, 2023, 09:50 AM  | Relationships

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The Bala Family is the recently introduced Mzansi Magic reality show which has become a must-watch for television viewers since it premiered in April 2023. Since then, it seems that more and more of the viewing public are slowly getting into the reality show which is touted for being relatable in terms of the dynamics of a nuclear family.

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As a result of the show garnering attention. The viewers have started to create archetypes using the different family members. As such, it has been established that Sis’ Pinky and Zwai, as the oldest, are the leaders of the family. 

Matriarch Veronica Jafta is seen as the love-first character that her prioritised her own happiness over that of her children. This is as Veronica has been more than open about her pursuit of love, even if it meant hurting her children in the process. 

Then there is Phelo Bala, who is the last born, as rightly so is considered to be the spoilt brat who feels entitled.

However, the latest episode seemed to shine a light into the dynamics of Loyiso Bala and his marriage to his wife and mother of his three children, Jennifer. A fact which has led to the belief that the real villain of the reality show might be Jen…

Is Jen Bala the villain of
The Bala Family?

During the start of The Bala Family, the matter of Jennifer Bala and her alleged failure to be the exemplary wife figure in the family was already alluded to by Sis’ Pinky.

However, it was during the latest episode that viewers seemed incensed by the apparent lack of effort that Jen has tried to bridge the already strained relationship between her husband Loyiso, and his family. Specifically, his mother, Veronica. 

As such, viewers took to the timeline when Jen seemed not to be interested in having her children bond with their grandmother. More so as she attributed the fact to the children’s “schedule” and routine being disturbed should they sleep over at their grandmother’s. 

But it seems that Jen has come around since shooting the show. This is as she took this past Mother’s Day to share how she put on her doek, drove with her children, and spent the special day catering to her mothers. Maybe seeing the show, she realised the error in her ways and is changing her ways…
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