EXCLUSIVE: Jo-Anne Celebrates Her True Love Cover!

We have a chat with the star actress

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Jo-Anne Reyneke  | Relationships

It's been a great year for Jo-Anne Reyneke! She has been playing a star role on Isidingo and she was recently announced as this month's True Love cover star!

Last night, Jo-Anne Reyneke gathered a small group of select fans and family for an intimate celebration of her latest milestone. The night was full of love, support and laughter as everyone gathered to support the actress' latest big move!

We got to ask the star actress a few questions at her intimate night at a cozy lounge in Monte Casino. Read our chat with her here:

ZAlebs (ZA): From shaving your hair to leaving Isidingo, many fans think you're on a "New life, who dis?" kick. Are they right? 

Jo-Anne Reyneke (JR): I don't feel like I'm on a special new chapter at all, it's just the way things are falling together that makes people think that. My contract ended with Isidingo and I really enjoyed my stay there. I've been very unhappy with my hair for a long time now, and I've wanted to cut it, on the morning of my 31st birthday I just woke up and did it.

(ZA) Many fans will miss you, what is on the horizon in terms of acting roles? If nothing you can share as yet, then what are the kind of roles you'd like to explore in future? 

(JR): I'm currently not part of any production, but hopefully will be soon, I'm really hoping to play someone of low status with a lot of emotional struggles, also I really would love to get into comedy.

(ZA) Congratulations on the True Love cover! your subheading on the cover says "setting rumors straight". What has been the most ridiculous rumour about yourself making news in your career and why?

(JR:)  The biggest and longest lasting rumour is that I've been married. I personally don't believe in marriage. I think in Jo'burg if a couple stays together for a long time people just assume they are married.

(ZA): You also talk about your LGBTQ+ clothing line, please tell us more about the inspiration and when we can expect to get it.
(JR):  I have alot of gay and lesbian friends, and all of them are really stylish, they manage this by shopping in the opposite sex's sections, what I want to do is specifically design for them, their body types and their needs. Hopefully in the next year I will be able to launch my first items.

(ZA): What has been your greatest hurdle in getting where you are today?
(JR):  The hardest part of my life was holding on and believing in myself before I got my big break. When things don't happen on your time and at your preferred pace it gets hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My advise is always, everything that's meant for you will be yours, meet it half way by working hard in the mean time.

(ZA): As a seasoned actress, what do you think needs to change in the industry for talent to truly succeed?

 (JR) I think artist should be paid a lot more. We studied and perfected our craft, and we work hard but our lives don't reflect that. If a artist is financially stable it is never because of acting money, we have to do so many other things just to live comfortably.

See the pics from the party in our gallery below:

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