WATCH: Karabo Ntshweng From YoTV Gets Married Traditionally

Karabo got married this weekend

By  | Aug 14, 2022, 01:16 PM  | Karabo Ntshweng  | Relationships

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Former star Karabo Ntshweng is now a married woman. Ntshweng and her husband got married traditionally over the weekend in her hometown.

Her former co-star on YoTV Sidwell Ngwenya and his wife came out to support Karabo and her hubby. 

Ngwenya and his let us into the wedding by sharing videos on his Instagram stories.

Last year Karabo took to social media to reveal that her bae has popped the big question and she said YES! She shared a snap of her partner on one knee asking for her hand in marriage.

Back in 2020, the 5FM radio presenter found herself trending on Twitter as tweeps speculated that she was pregnant. Ntshweng, however, was left unimpressed with the claims. Responding to the rumours, she revealed that she was not pregnant and that her weight gain was caused by the medication that she was on.

"I’m so tired of being asked if I’m pregnant on social media guys please leave me alone bathong. I’m on some really fu…d up medication and your insensitivity doesn’t make it easier."

A Look Inside Karabo Ntshweng’s Bridal Shower In June

In June this year Ntshweng had her bridal shower in Johannesburg attended by her close friends and family. Sharing a video on social media, she posted:

“My family through the most epic bridal shower for me and gathered all my favourite people for my final soirée as Miss Ntshweng! What a vibe.”

Whatever Happened Between Hulisani And Pysfo

Hulisani Ravele is a 34-year-old South African broadcaster popularly known for her stint on YoTV where she referred to as CC for almost ten years.

Hulisani dated her former colleague Psyfo, also known as Sipho Ngwenya, for over a decade. It is believed that their relationship ended in 2017.

In an interview with Mac G’s Podcast And Chill, Hulisani opened up a bit about her relationship with Psyfo and why they decided to call it quits.

She said their relationship was longer than 10-years and their decision to date was mutual. “It was a ‘I see you’ you see me.”

On How She Balanced Her Personal And Work Life During Their Relationship

“I was trained to be a profession and so I will always come above and beyond whatever else is happening. And if anything I’ve found that if you are dating within your industry or your work line, you work extra hard so that nobody things that you are getting favours. So that nobody can doubt that this girl is good.”

The Reason Why They Broke Up

“Life happened,” she told Mac G. They didn’t break up because anyone cheated. 

Despite never getting married after being together for so long, Hulisani doesn’t regret dating Psyfo.

“No, what’s the waste? Here’s the problem, when you set your benchmark and your goal as marriage, kids and a house – you are not in enjoying what it is in the right now,” she said.


“You’ll find that for so many of us, because the goal is not at a relationship level, just as rationing to one another as humans, it’s a ‘until I have a ring on it it’s not real.’ To me at the end of a day, a marriage is just a relationship that just has a certificate attached to it.


“People grow apart. It was literally one of those”

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