Remember Carly Fields From YOTV?

Check out what she’s been getting up to lately

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Former child star and YOTV presenter Carly Fields has gone off the radar since leaving the kids show.
Carly is popular for hosting YOTV’s Wildroom.
Carly began her career in broadcasting at the age of 14. She’s hosted popular shows such as Disney’s Cartoon Café, and X-Attitude but to name a few.
During her time on YOTV she has interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.
In 2004 and 2005 she won Best Youth Presenter awards. In 2007 she presented One Gospel on DSTV.
Like many other faces we grew up idolizing on YOTV, Carly disappeared from the limelight.
Carli, who now resides in Port Elizabeth recently turned 40 years old. She celebrated her day by running 40 kilometers.
“Call me crazy but if you know me, you’ll know how much I love running”, she wrote.
The former YOTV presenter is a dedicated mother to two beautiful kids. She got engaged 18 years ago to her now-husband.
Don’t rule out the possibility of seeing them on our television screens again as she still has “presenter” in her social media bio.

What Really Happened Between Hulisani And Psyfo?

Hulisani Ravele is a 34-year-old South African broadcaster popularly known for her time on YOTV, alongside Carly,  where she was referred to as CC between 2000 and 2008.

Hulisani Ravele dated her former colleague Psyfo for over a decade. It is believed that their relationship ended in 2017.

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In an interview with Mac G on his podcast back in 2018, Hulisani opened up a bit about her failed relationship with Psyfo and why they decided to call it quits.
She said that their relationship was longer than 10 years and their decision to date was mutual. “It was a ‘I see you’ you see me.”
Huli does regret dating Psyfo for that long even though their love never resulted in marriage.
“No, what’s the waste? Here’s the problem, when you set your benchmark and your goal as marriage, kids, and a house – you are not in enjoying what it is in the right now,” she told Mac G and the Ghost Lady at the time.

“You’ll find that for so many of us, because the goal is not at a relationship level, just as rationing to one another as humans, it’s a ‘until I have a ring on it it’s not real.’ To me at the end of the day, a marriage is just a relationship that just has a certificate attached to it.

“People grow apart. It was literally one of those”

On How She Balanced Her Personal And Work Life During Their Relationship

Like Carly and Psyfo and Hulisani has been on television for almost her whole life. Because of this, she has learned how to have a balance work and private life.
“I was trained to be a profession and so I will always come above and beyond whatever else is happening. And if anything I’ve found that if you are dating within your industry or your work line, you work extra hard so that nobody things that you are getting favours. So that nobody can doubt that this girl is good.”
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