A Peek Into Khuli And Lamiez's Home

The couple have dropped a small fortune on the art alone

By  | Nov 28, 2020, 03:44 PM  | Khuli Chana  | Relationships

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Khuli Chana and his wife DJ Lamiez Holworthy are stronger than ever having celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently.

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We also love how bold and unapologetic Khuli Chana is when it comes to showing off his family.

It appears that some fans still think Khuli Chana is with his ex and baby mama Asanda Maku and some even claim he was married to her. Lamiez has unfortunately been at the recieving end of some very unsavoury comments on social media from such characters that she even took a break off Twitter.

But Lamiez is not hiding anymore as she recently took to Twitter and Instagram to show off some expensive artwork that she and Khuli gifted to each other. In doing so she also showcased some snippets of their beautiful Pretoria East home.

And we know she did an amazing job with the house because even DJ  Zinhle who is a home and decor enthusiast with her own furniture store complemented Lamiez by simply saying, "Beautiful home."

Khuli Chana gifted Lamiez with a portrait of herself a few weeks ago in celebration of their first wedding anniversary.  Lamiez experessed her excitement on Instagram and said, "Imagine having your #portrait hanging in the gallery of one of your favorite #artist 😍

Dear @brianrolfeart I cannot wait to hang this up in our home.
@khulichana01 thank you sooooo much for this Wame. This is the best wedding anniversary gift. 😭"

The painting is by contemporary local artist Brian Roefle and according to his website his most expensive painting is titled "Running To fly" and has already sold out for a cool R137 000.

Khuli and Lamiez are no strangers to buying each other expensive gifts and they often flaunt their love for designer clothes ranging from Gucci shoes to Louis Vuitton handbags. And we don't blame them because they have equally successful careers with endorsement deals with Jeep apparel (Khuli) and Diesel denim (Lamiez) to name a few.

But we love the fact that the Morules have revealed their humanitarian side as well because Lamiez revealed on Twitter that they are working on a special project.

"Out of everything that God and my ancestors have made possible,the greatest is that I adopted an orphanage with zero funding or sponsorship and my husband I are building them a proper home.

Construction starts in the next few weeks," said Lamiez.

We love to see it you guys.

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