It Ends In Tears For Lasizwe And His Bae

Lasizwe says his bae dribbled him...Hectic!

By  | Feb 23, 2021, 10:45 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Relationships

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It ended in tears for Lasizwe and his Xhosa bae and it came from the horses mouth that he dribbled him. A sobbing Lasizwe took to Instagram live together with comedian Lemi Locco and narrated what happened between he and his new bae that left him heartbroken.

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Just when we were jumping for joy for Lasizwe because he has found love and is absolutely besotted with his bae, it turns out his bae dribbled him and broke his heart.

Taking to Twitter he accepted defeat and 'updated the score board' saying Xhosa men are taking the lead. He then posted another video of him in disbelief.
So here's what happened and it came from the horses mouth, when his bae was heading to Cape Town Lasizwe dropped him off at the airport. After saying their goodbye's Lasizwe decides to let his hair down and go out with his friends. Much to his dismay, he bumps into the man at a chill spot called Great Dane.

Judging by the video, you can tell that the YouTuber is in disbelief at what just happened to him. On IG Live he says, "I've never gowishad (gone through a lot) so much for a man. You leave him at the airport and then you just say cool let me go out with my friends, and then you bump into him at Great Dane."

Lemi then asks him if he even tried to give him an explanation as to why would he lie about leaving for Cape Town, then Lasizwe says he did not. "When I saw him I was so shocked because you saw my stories that I was crying. You saw that I was going through the most. I felt like Oh My God I have lost a limb."

They have been dating for 6 months but met a year ago, however for Lasizwe it does not explain why he would break his heart like this.

"Even though our relationship was like 2 seconds old, I have known you for a good year and you have been trying to get with me for six months...I have given you a chance and we have been with each other for six months. I see you at Great Dane when I have dropped you off at the airport. For the flight that I booked for you."

Lasizwe continues his story by saying he is not really heartbroken in fact he does not know what to feel. Lasizwe was so sure that he has found the one, because his bae loved him loudly and did not hide his feelings for him. Here are some of the reactions:
Many were rooting for Lasizwe and his bae, even businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize. The two bumped into each other and Shauwn Mkhizwe noticed this spark in his eyes and let us know that baby boy is blessed to find love which, according to her, is a rare find.

“Guess who I bumped into. He is so in love. Everything that comes out of his mouth is love. Can you see it in these photos? Oooh, I'm happy for you, enjoy it. It's hard to find love these days,” wrote Shauwn on IG. She posted a series of picture with the comedian and influencer looking all sorts of happy.

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When his bae left for Cape Town, Lasizwe went on a mini rant going on about how much he misses him. "I think my problem in this situation that is making me even more sad is that I didn't plan for him to leave so soon and carry on with his life in CPT. I was so stuck in this fairytale that we were going to be glue an paper and he would move in with me and start a new life," Tweeted Lasizwe.

Lasizwe is smitten by his bae because he was the first man to love him openly, "It's only hitting me now. He is gone. This is the first guy who was not ashamed to love me publicly, and now he is gone."

“Honestly, I have the best boyfriend ever! I’ve been so emotional and sick these past few days and you can see shem he is really trying his best to hold my hand thru it all. I am so blessed to have him.”

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