Is Lebo M Getting Married?

He is rumoured to be giving love another shot

By  | Oct 11, 2021, 03:13 PM  | Lebohang "Lebo M" Morake  | Relationships

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Lion King producer Lebohang Morake made headlines when it was reported that he would be getting married for the 6th time. The famed producer has been trending ever since, with people joking about his marriage woes and how he just cannot seem to give up.

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When a report from Sunday World trended which suggested that Lebo M has found love and is ready to make Pretty Samuels his wife, he quickly refuted them. According to the Lion King producer, he is not walking down the aisle. He even took to Facebook and commented under Kaya FM's Facebook post where they seem to have ran with the story.

Lebo felt disappointed and had to let the radio station know this. He said he would be able to do an interview to address this rumour, and also speak about marriage and family dynamics.

"But I RESPECT KAYA NOW. I’m happy to do a LIVE interview on all marriage, divorce, family dynamics issues related if you need clarity and perspective here is my quick statement…You may reach my publicist if you so choose. I don’t expect such from you, with respect."

The Sunday World article claims that Lebo had been married 7 times before but he commented on the publications social media pages and denied being married so many times. He said he has never been engaged and had only been married 3 times.

“NOPE! I’m not getting married and have only been married 3 times (not even engaged). I’ve never remarried anyone, including Angela,” he said. "I must assume tabloids have concluded their readers are idiots to believe I've been married so many times.." he continued.
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Maybe Lebo and Samuels might not be headed down the aisle, at least for now, but sources who told the publication about their rumoured wedding, said she is a gorgeous businesswoman who works for his Lebo M foundation.

Lebo made startling discoveries a few weeks back about  his ex-wife Nandi Morake, who now goes by the name Ndlovu-Goodjohn. The pair divorced 14 years ago but they are still in very bad terms. He revealed to Sunday World that Nandi cheated on him with another woman and also the husband of their former family dentist.

My kids could see this man during the day when they went to consult because he was a frontline manager at his wife’s medical centre and they would see him at night sneaking into Nandi’s bedroom. I found this to be morally wrong,” he told the publication.

“When I went to LA to see the kids, I confronted her and said, ‘Nandi I know you and I had separated and you could see whoever you want to see, but it is morally wrong for you to have an affair with the husband of our children’s dentist,” he said in the interview.

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