Lerato Kganyago’s Last Word On Valentine’s Day

Seems the good sis has had enough!

By  | Feb 15, 2023, 08:58 AM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Relationships

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For two consecutive Valentine’s Day between 2021 and 2022, Lerato Kganyago quickly became the epitome of the holiday dedicated to love. This is as her husband Thami Ndlala pulled out all the stops to see his wife happy and celebrated.

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Whether it was hiring the entire FNB Stadium and Zonke the first year, or purchasing an entire boutique hotel and its restaurant as a gift. Valentine’s Day in South Africa was quickly labelled as Lerato Kganyago Day. But this year, Lerato was clearly gatvol of being the face of Valentine’s Day and has made that abundantly clear!

Lerato Kganyago’s last word on Valentine’s Day

This past Lerato Kganyago Day or Valentine’s Day for the rest of the world, the Metro FM personality and her husband decided to be “lowkey.” This is if you consider being flown to the US, Los Angeles specifically, being spoiled with a luxury shopping spree and a stay at a mansion with a view of the entire city as lowkey. 
As such, Kganyago took to Instagram to share her final word on the importance of Valentine’s Day and the intention with which it is meant to be celebrated. The star seemed to make it clear that despite the extravagant gifts she has received, that the holiday of love is about celebrating exactly that- love. 
However, it seems that on WhatsApp she was less zen and more aggravated by having created the expectation that she is the face of the special day. This is as it seems that even her close circle expects Lerato to pull out all the stops, and when she does not they too badger her to show up and show off. 

A fact which the personality has to address via her WhatsApp stories by making it clear that she will not succumb to the pressure and does not appreciate being pressured to be the face of Valentine’s Day. 
But her stance is not surprising as she had already alluded to the fact ahead of Valentine’s Day when it was reported that: 

South African media personality Lerato Kganyago dropped jaws ahead of Valentine's Day. Mzansi never ceases to be amazed by the surprises that her husband Thami Ndlala throws her on Valentine's Day, but things will be different this year.

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In the past two years, Lerato raised the bar high after Ndlala booked a stadium for their Valentine's Day celebration. Last year, Ndlala gifted her with a Mercedes Benz and a luxury boutique hotel.

But, this year she has revealed she does not have time for Valentine's Day as she is busy. Lerato responded to a Twitter user who said Valentine's Day is around the corner.

The media personality responded “It should remain in that corner. Re busy ra bereka,” she replied a tweep.

A fan commented in her tweet, "I see what you're doing🤭🤭🤭you're checking how humongous is the pressure for this year, it's on girl, we're looking forward to see this year's standard, wena you're the queen of valentine."

Lerato reiterated that she has no plans to go big this year and advised his fans not to expect anything from her. "I’m being very honest, please don’t expect anything over here. Carry on with your lives lol," she tweeted.

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