Pretty On Her Onscreen Romance With Lehasa

“He is a cool gent and very professional."

By  | Nov 23, 2022, 10:33 PM  | Lerato Marabe  | Relationships

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Pretty and Lehasa’s onscreen romance has made many people believe in love again.
Their love story is one that has made hopeless romantics have tears rolling down their eyes and have many viewers believing in love again.
The two fell in love in the second season of the educational drama Skeem Saam. 
Pretty, who was in a relationship at the time had gone to Joburg to meet up with her friend Eunice who was studying at the time.
She and Lehasa fell in love instantly upon laying eyes on one another. Their affair went on for about a week until her partner at the time, Kat Peterson, suspected and went to fetch Pretty,  along with Kwaito and Tbose.
They had suspected that Lehasa was taking advantage of Pretty only to find out that the two were having an affair.
Upon returning to Turfloop, Pretty released that she had fallen pregnant, but Lehasa had already moved on at the time. 
She told Lehasa about the pregnancy who became cold until her abortion. 
The two rekindled their love and hooked up again when Khwezi, Lehasa’s baby mama was away.  She returned when they least expected, stabbing Lehasa and attempting to kill Pretty, bringing the two closer.
Although their love has been toxic in recent weeks, Pretty and Lehasa’s relationship hasn’t been the same since Khwezi moved in with them. Now that she has moved out, let’s see how it affects their relationship.
Chatting to Metro FM last week Lerato Marabe (Pretty on Skeem Saam) opened up about working with Cedric Fourie (Lehasa Maphosa).
Lerato says Cedric is very cool and professional
“He is a cool gent and very professional. He doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Even when we have scenes where we have to be intimate, he’ll talk me through. It and ask me what am I comfortable with.”
Marabe, who has been part and parcel of Skeem Saam since the very beginning got into the entertainment industry at a very young age.
“The very first thing I did was the Omo Ad and the very first big thing was Takalane Sesame. I played the character of Tshidi. I was the very very last Tshidi.”
The actress, who. Didn’t study acting says she’s learning as she goes through her journey on television.
Her love for the arts stems way back.
“When my mom tells me when I was younger I used to imitate the weather lady.  She says even with adverts I’d sing along.”
Lerato is also a big petrolhead. Her brother introduced her to cars.
“This started when my brother first introduced me to Yizo Yizo. He is my biggest influence. He loves vintage cars.
“I remember when Chester was in the car with Tizza and he was explaining how they hijack cars. That’s where it all started for me and I fell in love with the car.
“I don’t really like the 325 now. I like the 333 now. Right. Now also love. The 650i, that’s where the name Bubesi comes from.”
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