Linda Mtoba on her husband: "He lives to make my dreams a reality"

Love lives here for sure

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Linda Mtoba  | Relationships

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Linda Mtoba

We are very moved by the love Linda Mtoba shares with her husband. Not only that, but it truly makes us wish we could also find people who would love us as loudly and proudly as they love each other. 

The actress, who has become popularly known as “Mrs Husband”, has taken the opportunity to share how blessed they both are to have each other.

“My husband leaves me in such awe of the love & adoration he has for me. I swear he lives to make my dreams a reality,” she wrote on Twitter.

She continued: “We’re so blessed to have found each other. To be able to experience such love. He makes me excited about my tomorrows...”

Ah, and they both live to love each other. It must be nice, y’all.

Linda Mtoba husband

The couple has been in New York for a while, with Linda sharing some people snaps from their trip. The River actress mentioned that they were just boyfriend and girlfriend the first time they went to the Big Apple and now they've returned to the city as Mr. & Mrs Husband.


Main image credit: Instagram/@Linda_Mtoba

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