RHOD: Londie London’s Final Goodbye As Sane Returns

Is Nonku’s car the real deal?

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The Real Housewives of Durban season three is considered the best season yet of the show, and it is only three episodes in. Fans have fallen so deeply in love with the current season that there are some who consider RHOD as the best South African franchise to date.

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While the second episode provided some high moments of drama, episode three did not disappoint as it too provided some high moments, touching scenes, and the return of Sane the Chef

Londie London’s final goodbye as Sane returns 

The latest episode of RHOD started with Nonku and Jojo meeting up with Saneliswe “Sane” Bhengu to discuss her antics from the previous episode. Nonku, who would later be "gifted" with a car?

While Nonku was direct that Sane should have not shamed Londie London about her separation from her fiance and father of her two children Hlubi Nkosi
Sane looked surprised and denied having said anything with a straight face. 

It took the scene with Annie and Sorisha, where Annie said she had googled Sane, for the viewers to deduce that Sane might be dealing with her own mental health issues and a possible murder suspect. More so when she all but denied, again with a straight face, saying that Annie slept her way to the top. 
From her two-episode appearance, Sane has earned the disdain of viewers as she continued to fight with other cast members including Annie, Nonku and her own friend Jojo. This is why many viewers believe that she was brought in by the producers to stir the pot, which she did. 

But it was finally getting closure on the Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi matter which had viewers in their emotions. Londie finally let us in about how even when she was shooting her season last year, she was going through the most with her fiance. Londie even broke down in tears when reflecting on that time with Annie and Sorisha. 

Londie sharing the pain of having been through a toxic relationship seemed to assert why she decided not to return fully for this current season. A sentiment which had viewers sympathising with her over her decision to take a break from the show in order to sort out her personal life. 
But of course, there was the reminder that Londie was not always the innocent one. This is as in season two, when she portrayed herself as happily in love, Londie was not fazed when she all but embarrassed RHOD original cast member and now alumni LaConco. 
Londie was part of a brigade that ganged up on LaC for concealing “Petals.” Moreover, they had questioned her living situation. A fact which has come to bite Londie as there have been rumours flying around that she was “broke, down and out.”  The rumour extended so far that it was alleged that she was driving a Toyota Tazz. 

But in light of the reason she might not have the same economic status as she did in season two, is the same reason that the public has been generally sympathetic towards Londie as she rebuilds. 

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