Mandela to marry a Model

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Mandla Mandela  | Relationships

Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela is said to marry his Kenyan model fiance’ - Natasha Metto.  According to Times Live reports, Mandela held a traditional ceremony known as ‘’utsiki’’ which is an introduction of the bride-to-be to the family, such a ceremony is held after the Lobola negotiations have been settled.  Known as the man of a few words Mandla declined to make any comments about the ceremony but an elder of the Mandela family – Nalipsi Mandela confirmed that such a ceremony did take place on Monday.

Nalipsi: “There was a ceremony for utsiki.  I was there.  The ceremony is for a woman to be married, for her to be introduced.”

However, Times Live also mentioned that some family members are not impressed with Mandla’s decision to marry again.

Elder: “Many things are going on and they are dividing the family and eventualy Tata Mandela’s name is brought up.” The elder man said.

Mandla Mandela is currently entangled in a bitter divorce with his ex-wife Tando Mabunu-Mandela who’s accusing Mandla of polygamy.

Image by: Glamasphere Model Management