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By  | Jan 12, 2021, 09:24 AM  | Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong  | Relationships

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Pasi Koetle is not only a great actress but a funny social media influencer. She has taken to doing the new #BussItChallenge that has taken over.

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Moonchild also did it. How did she do?

Influencer Naledi M is also a strong contender.

Pasi and her equally gorgeous sister Rakgadi also recently took part in the Tik Tok Siblings Challenge. It turns out the Scandal actress and Moxoxo Friday star, Pasi loses too many friends according to the way the challenge went. We still don't know what happened between her and Gabi because they were once close.

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Some of the questions in the siblings challenge included:

Fun time with my sister 😍

♬ follow me - Skylar

Who bursts down ~  Pasi
Who looses more friends ~ Pasi
Who is most friendly and nicer ~ Pasi
Who is naughtier - Rakgadi
Who has funnier hook ups ~ Rakgadi
Who is the F* up ~ Rakgadi
Who falls in love easily - Rakgadi

We have all had that all the celebrity friendships that we thought would last, ran their course and fizzled out. Pasi is surely not the only celeb who loses friends.

Recently, Zenande Mfenyane revealed that she was going through a tough friendship breakup and she was not coping. Not only does a friendship breakup with a friend only suck but it can hurt more than a romantic break up. The new mommy took to social media to announce her friendship miseries, "unrequited love happens even in friendship kanthe? It's my first time experiencing heartbreak over a friend" said Zenande.

Another celebrity friendship that seems to have ended is that of Somizi Mhlongo and TT Mbha. They were once best friends. From collaborating on Somizi's Living the dream television show when it started, to attending each other events and supporting each other businesses, to flirting, people even thought they were dating. But whatever happened, it happened recently because TT attended Somizi's wedding but to our surprise, he did not acknowledge Somizi on his book about his Covid-19 journey. It looks like Vusi Nova has now replaced TT because he is best friends with Somizi. On the other hand, Andile Ncube seems to have replaced Somizi because he is closer to TT now.

Still on Somizi and friendships, he really can't keep friends. He also lost his friendship with best friend Bonang Matheba when DJ Zinhle and AKA broke up. Although they later reconciled, but things aren't the same anymore. Bonang Matheba also once lost her friendship with Lorna Maseko and it has never been the same again. Their friendship is on and off now. Bonang is also no longer close with Boity Thulo. Boity is no longer friends with Khanya Khangisa, apparently over a man. It's raining breakups over here! 

Back to Pasi and Rakgadi 's Tik Tok Siblings challenge, Rakgadi revealed that she falls in love easily, perhaps one of the reasons why she took back Thabo Smol after they broke up. The two have a child together. As for now, we can only hope they are still together after Zodwa Wabantu made a shocking revelation that she had sex with Thabo. 

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