Moshe Ndiki Opens Up About Being Celibate After Phelo

Seems Moshe is now all about self-love.

By  | Jan 06, 2023, 10:53 AM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Relationships

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Media personality, Moshe Ndiki has confirmed that despite it being just days into the New Year, he already believes that this year is his year of wins. This is as he started the year with “big news” that he cannot wait to share with his fans. However, even more recently, the media personality and host has confirmed another win.

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All of these wins seems to have stemmed from the former Gomora actor making a life-changing decision following his public on-and-off relationship with one third of the Bala Brothers, Pelo Bala
Moshe Ndiki opens up about being celibate after Phelo
Moshe Ndiki and Pelo Bala in 2019 made their relationship official as they became Valentines Day cover stars for True Love Magazine. However, their relationship was rocking to say the least. This is due to allegations of physical abuse levelled against Ndiki by Phelo, their subsequent break up and make-up by getting married. 
However, even that was short lived, as Ndiki in 2022, just months after speculations confirmed their breakup. As reported at the time:
Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala were without a doubt one of our favourite gay celebrity couples in ZAlebvile. The pair has been married for two years now, and they have made headlines for wrong reasons during their relationship.
Their love story had been messy and at some point police had to intervene. They had previously endured assault accusations and breakups but this time around it seems they have called it quits for good.
This is not the first time the famous couple has called it quits. In 2019 they headed for splitsville after Moshe allegedly assaulted Phelo with a candle stand, leaving him with a bleeding gash.
With the relationship confirmed as over, it seems that Ndiki did not rush to get into another relationship. This is as back in December 2022, he shared that he was celibate by tweeting that:
“Mna (For myself,) I’m still out for the count , andikbikho (I’m still not) ready… celibacy nca emntaneni  (is what I choose) for this year only ‘cause of what I was praying for and it’s all happening and I’m [sic] really enjoying it ‘cause, dangerous those ones, umntu (a person)had different energies and I’m preferring to keep mine to me.”
The tweet was the response to his initial tweet stating: 
But now it seems that Ndiki’s decision to remain celibate has yield even more fruits this year as he returned to the thread to share an update on how life has continued to get better as he has maintained remaining single and celibate . 
But Ndiki is not the only ZAleb that has shared that they were celibate in 2022. Another ZAlebs to do so was producer-DJ and alleged partner to Zola Mhlongo, Prince Kaybee. While it seems that the couple might still be dating when looking at corresponding snaps. 

At the time that  it was reported that: 
Amid speculation that Prince Kaybee and Zola’s relationship is all but over, he tweeted that he is now celibate.
“What a difficult time to be celibate.”

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