Lorch And Natasha Shade Each Other?

Another publicity stunt or trouble in paradise?

By  | Sep 06, 2021, 10:43 AM  | Natasha Thahane  | Relationships

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Mzansi's new IT couple Orlando Pirates player Thembinkosi Lorch and Blood And Water actress Natasha Thahane, seem to be hit by 'trouble in paradise' rumours once again. This time, the couple has also posted very cryptic messages which might indicate that they are going through a rough patch.

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The couple who dribbled Mzansi last month with their attention seeking stunt, by unfollowing each other on Instagram have done it again. The couple seems to have been posting cryptic messages on Instagram, which is about the same thing people in relationships who are going through a lot do.

Mzansi was convinced that they have broken up when they deleted pictures of each other. But they quickly poured cold water to those rumours when they posted each other on their Instagram stories. Lorch posted his bae driving his car and being his chauffer.

Now, Lorch seems to be going through something and fans cannot help but wonder if it has something to do with Natasha. “Be real with me. I respect honesty,” he wrote on his IG stories.

A few hours later, Natasha suggested that she is going through a stormy period in her life but God is helping her remain calm. She wrote, “Never been so calm in the middle of a storm. It can only be God,” she said.

Check out their posts below:
Lorch IG Story Image cred: The South African
Natasha IG story Image cred: The South African

Posting about her beau for the very first time, Natasha wished him a very happy birthday, "Happy Birthday King @thembinkosi_lorch_3. May God continue to protect & guide you all the days of your life. Wishing you many more years of happiness, love, peace & full access to heaven’s resources. I admire and respect who you are. I love you Mr! Beke le beke." She has since deleted that image.

After making their relationship public, Natasha said there has been an influx of men in her DMs trying to get with her. But she slammed them,  "Amadoda angaka in my mentions axakwe indaba zam (so many men in mentions all up in my business. I miss the days when men used to go to war," she said.

Having been raised with respect Natasha said that does not mean she should tolerate it, "Sikhuliswe nge’hlonipho kodwa akusho ukuthi asikwazi ukuba hlaza," which translates to 'we were raised with respect but that does not mean we cannot be disrespectful."

This all happened when Kudzai Mushonga shut down the internet with his emotional rants about his bae Khanyi Mbau. He first announced that she went missing whilst on their trip to Dubai, but Khanyi later shut that rumour down when she posted a video of her boarding a flight back to Johannesburg - without her baes knowledge.

He apologised for airing their dirty laundry out for the public to see and asked that Khanyi forgives him.

Meanwhile a prophet said khanyi Mbai has a calling from God and she should answer it as her season has come. “The Almighty God wants her to consider her relationship with Christ very seriously because God wants to use her influence to win many people who are lost and also to save her soul and to lengthen her life. There are so many celebrities who are female in South Africa. The one I’m talking about, her initials are KM," he reveals.

"God wants to use her, there is a mighty preacher of the gospel in that woman. I’m not out of my mind; I’ve seen this woman in my vision preaching the gospel like a firebrand to win thousands, if not millions, of people to Christ," he alleges.

Khanyi reacted to those claims by saying, "little do they know." Could this be true?
Khanyi IG story

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