Ntando Duma is such a supportive girlfriend

Duma Ntando is a true ride or die.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Relationships

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Ntando duma and her boyfriend

If we there's one thing we love about Ntando Duma, besides her bubbly nature is how much of a supportive girlfriend she is to her boyfriend, DJ Junior De Rocka.

Like many of our celebrities, Ntando Duma has been the center of attention for many things, positive and negative.

And with all that noise surrounding her, we can't deny that Ntando is one celebrity girlfriend all guys would love to have on their arm.

Not only because of her good looks but because she's proven countless times about how much of a supportive girlfriend she is.

Like how she constantly reminds her man of how much he inspires her to be a better version of herself. Don't you just love it when they act silly?

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And when DJ Junior De Rocka is out there collecting awards, she's right beside him cheering her man on.

What an honor and a great pleasure to see you grow day by day,working hard to make sure you get what you want and all that you deserve and most importantly, for constantly making a reminder to me and everyone else around you that DREAMS DO COME TRUE and HARDWORK PAYS OFF.There's no one (after me😹)who has worked as hard as you have since the begging.You inspire me all the time. Your ambition,Hardwork and Enthusiasm turns me on all the way to heaven😍😩Well Done Partner @juniorderocka Your efforts are now paying off. And I know now that not only you're working hard to be a man of success but A man of Value. This is the beginning of greater things! I love you❤️ Keep On Keeping On! #TheLifeOfBeingAWinner #AwardWinners #AmaGoalsAReal😹

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You know it's real when she's your exclusive Instagram photographer.

Konje ngine MCM😌💋

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No man, these two are just the cutest, you know it's real when you can be as silly as can be when it comes to you and your partner.

Aint nobody messing with this celebrity clique.

Celebrity clique

We also find it real cute how Ntando considers her boyfriend their father of her kids and she's not shy about it. 

Father of my kids💅🏽😊🐾

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