Omuhle Gela admits to dating a businessman

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Omuhle Makaziwe Gela  | Relationships

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During an interview with Khanyi Mbau, Umlilo actress Omuhle Gela opened up about her past and current relationships. The actress briefly touched on her relationship with top DJ, Lulo Cafe.

In the interview Omuhle mentioned that when she dated Lulo, she was worried that the public would view her as just another pretty face trying to get into the entertainment industry by dating someone who was already famous.

“I try very hard to keep my stuff private right now because when I got into the industry I had already been dating someone who was already famous for the longest timen - Lulo. Everyone thought I was dating this guy to get my head-start in the industry because I dated him before I got on TV and as soon as I premiered on TV, everyone was like hmm… it make sense," said Omuhle

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Khanyi Mbau then wasted no time in asking who Omuhle is currently dating. In the past couple of weeks rumours ran amok that the actress had been dating an older married Limpopo businessman. Omuhle admitted that she was indeed dating a businessman but emphasised that she’s currently dating a YOUNG unmarried businessman who treats her like a queen.

Omuhle has been seen driving around in very luxurious cars around town and Khanyi couldn’t help but ask if they were hers.

“They’re not mine, they’re my partner's. My boyfriend who is a young businessman, I had to emphasise on the YOUNG. Older men are not for me, it’s not my cup of tea.”


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Omuhle also added that she drives around in these luxury cars with her boyfriend.

“I drive around in these cars with him because I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend.”

The actress also made it clear that she’s managed to dismiss and not entertain rumours that she’s the type of girl who loves money.

Going back to her young businessman boyfriend, Omuhle also added that she had no idea that her lover would actually buy her an apartment for Valentine's Day in the plush parts of Sandton.

“I didn’t know he was going to get me an apartment but I knew I wanted to move because I had been talking about it but I didn’t know he would buy me one.”

Besides all the drama that follows Omuhle, she is clearly living the life right now.



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