Is Pearl Modiadie Speaking From Experience?

"I've sworn to never put myself through that again"

By  | Nov 16, 2021, 08:23 AM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Top of the

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Media personality Pearl Modiadie has taken to her Twitter page to engage her followers on what seems to be a controversial topic for many. In her tweet, Pearl is asking her fans whether or not children should be given contraceptives and how safe it is for them, saying that not only is it unfair but that it has detrimental effects on the mental health of the child. 

What seems to have sparked great conversation among her Twitter fam is when she also goes on ahead to say that she has sworn to never put herself through that again and this has raised many eyebrows as to what exactly Pearl meant.

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Following a recent revelation by News24, many girls in South Africa are giving birth at an early age. This has forced them to take contraceptives, something that Pearl says should be put to a stop as it is harmful to the body. And while fans are still not sure whether or not Pearl Modiadie is speaking out of experience, it is clear that they all share the same sentiments with her that this is a practice that should never see the light of day.

Pearl, who is commonly referred to as Lewatle’s mom has been in the spotlight many times before both for good reasons and the not so pretty ones. Not so long ago, Pearl Modiaide revealed that she would be suing her former employer for allegations of sexual harassment and allegedly working under an abusive manager.  This did not sit well with many of her followers who rallied behind her to ensure that justice was served. 

There is no denying that matters to do with family mean a great deal to the media personality. And to see her passionately protest about child contraceptives is not a big surprise to many. What is still on the minds of her avid followers, is whether or not this rant is based on a personal experience she has not told anyone. Pearl has also been very vocal on other issues such as alcohol prohibition and the like and it looks like she will never stop speaking out about the things that mean the most to Mzansi.

That aside, Pearl’s Twitter has also been full of admiration messages after she recently shared a video of her getting ready for the day.  Fans have taken to her comment section to comment on how beautiful and happy she looks with many of them applauding some of her famous radio shows and wishing she was back with them on the airwaves.

Pearl, who is a recent mom has time and time again gushed over her child in her various Instagram posts and fans are pleased to see that she is handling motherhood quite blissfully despite being separated from her rich baby daddy, Nathaniel Oppenheimer.

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